Design Memorabilia

DESIGN MEMORABILIA is an international collection of beautifully designed objects for daily use, as imagined by some of the world's foremost design talents. We welcomed the challenge of creating a site that uniquely showcases these products and designers, while allowing customers a seamless online purchasing experience.

The Challenge

To be successful, the site needed to:

  • Launch on-time to coincide with the opening of the 2015 World’s Fair in Milan, Italy.

  • Have a clean, contemporary design to match the brand's high-end and affordable products.

  • Showcase the collection’s unique products and interesting stories of the artists who designed them.

  • Give each featured designer and product equal time and priority on the site.    

  • Take orders worldwide in multiple languages, currencies, and shipping schedules.

Our Solution

As we got started architecting the site and planning e-commerce workflows, we carefully documented and explored the project's requirements. We asked questions and learned as much as we could about the collection, which was still being finalized. The products are interesting, luxury-quality items designed to spark conversation and interest. We had to create a website that did the same.

To draw inspiration for the site architecture, content approach, design, and functionality, we researched about a dozen luxury consumer products and retail e-commerce sites.

We documented and mapped out every page and action, exploring all the different actions and scenarios that could and should happen next, every step of the way. The result is a luxury online shopping experience that is as effortless and delightful as the collection’s products.

Because there wasn’t much content to create, we invested in careful attention to the content priority on each page, including the sometimes-boring transactional purchase pages. As a result, the Design Memorabilia brand personality shines through the entire purchase cycle.

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