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We've been been building websites and web applications with Craft CMS since its launch in 2013. Our expert team of developers has worked on hundreds of Craft CMS projects.

Our Craft CMS Expertise

Craft CMS is a smart, flexible content management system built with a content-first approach. With its easy to use interface, Craft makes it a breeze to manage your website or web application content. At Clearfire, we've been developing with Craft since its inception in 2013. Whether we're developing custom plugins, or creating beautiful websites, Craft is our go-to choice for CMS based projects.

Website Design with Craft CMS

Craft CMS Plugin Development

Craft CMS Support and Maintenance

Craft CMS Training or Consulting

Craft CMS with GraphQL and headless CMS

Upgrading from Craft 2 to Craft 3 to Craft 4

eCommerce with Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, and Shopify

API and 3rd party system Integration

Official Craft CMS Verified Partner

We're proud to be recognized as an official Craft CMS Verified Partner. This means we've demonstrated our ability to provide high quality, custom development for Craft CMS and Craft Commerce. View our Craft CMS Verified Partner listing.

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Ultimately Flexible and Scalable

Craft makes no assumption about the design of your website. This allows us complete control and flexibility over the experience we can design for your users and in how they interact with your site. And with multiple section types and robust custom fields, we can build a content editing experience that can grow with the needs of your organization.

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Easily Manage a Variety of Content Types

Craft comes with a large set of very intuitive custom fields. When combined with other 3rd party field types, there really is no type of content that Craft can't handle. Powerful field types like Matrix make it easy to manage content for simple or complex layouts. And with built in relationships, you can connect your content together in very dynamic ways.

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Integration Ready

Craft is built on open-source tools and was developed in a way that makes it highly extensible. A rich plugin API system allows us to extend the core functionality for just about any use case. We often develop custom plugins that integrate with 3rd party systems and APIs, making Craft an even more powerful system.

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And So Much More

SEO friendly, responsive control panel, native multi-language localization support, granular user permissions, robust file manager, publishing workflow, 3rd party plugins, eCommerce, active and friendly developer community, incredible support...the list goes on. Craft is a world-class CMS that can fit the needs of your project.

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We hired Clearfire to revamp our old website with a clear customer focus. Clearfire rose to the challenge of working with a diverse set of stakeholders within our institute. They provided creative solutions to the many design challenges that arose during this process and led us to launch a new website that succeeded in making our complex content digestible."

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