SC CTSI, at the University of Southern California, is a multifaceted resource for clinical and community-partnered translational research. Set in the urban heart of Los Angeles where 85% of residents are from minority groups, 90 languages are spoken, and disease burden is high, SC CTSI supports researchers who face special challenges above and beyond traditional research hurdles.

The Challenge

SC CTSI came to Clearfire with the ambitious goal of providing a website that would provide tools and resources for clinical and community researchers like no other translational sciences site had done before. As an institution, one of the challenges SC CTSI faces is providing relevant information to their very different audiences. Some users are looking for research, some are looking for funding, training or community support, and others are looking for ways to get more involved in research initiatives.

With a vast amount of resources, training material, and other information, the new website needed to be structured in a way that allowed users to explore and find what they were looking for, without getting lost or confused about the different resources that SC CTSI provides.

Scctsi Design Collage

The Solution

In order to balance the different objectives of the website, we sought out to organize the information in the most relevant ways possible. Researches can get information on tools and services based on their phase of research, location, or core group. They can also look into available funding opportunities and apply for grants, or get training and educational material provided by SC CTSI and their partners. While those looking to get more involved in research also have a path on the website to explore or to learn more About SC CTSI.

We created a large variety of designs and UI elements in order to show content in just the right ways and in the right context. This allows users to quickly find what they need or to explore all that SC CTSI has to offer.

In order to accommodate the thousands of entries and tons of different types of content, we developed the website with Craft CMS. Craft has a very flexible content structure which made it easy to integrate all of our unique designs, while still providing content managers with an easy to use interface.


Scctsi Layout Flow

Early layout flow exploration.

Scctsi Wireframes

Some of the wireframes we developed during the initial phases of our design work.

Scctsi Home Wire Final

A before and after of one of the homepage wireframes compared to the final version of the design.

Scctsi Sketch Design Layouts

A sample of the roughly 50 layouts we designed for this project.

Scctsi Ui Elements Horizontal

Some of the UI elements that are used throughout the designs.

Scctsi Collage

A collection of some of the final design layouts we came up with.

Scctsi Events
Scctsi Craftcms

We developed the site with Craft CMS and a variety of flexible content types and custom fields.

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