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At Clearfire, we enjoy solving problems for a wide variety of client types. Which type are you?

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The Marketing Team

You have some great ideas to promote your business, but lack the technical savvy to pull it off. At Clearfire we write the code that brings your marketing ideas to life. Our technical expertise empowers your team to dream BIG. You can stop wondering, "Can we pull this off?" With Clearfire as your partner the answer is, "Yes you can!"

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The Creative Agency

You dazzle your clients with cutting-edge designs. Nice! Now you need a partner who appreciates the craftsmanship and detail you put into those designs, and can code them up with precision and care. Clearfire is your agency's secret development weapon, working behind the scenes to WOW your clients by bringing your static designs to life.

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Illustration product manager

The Product Manager

You do it all...planning roadmaps, setting deadlines, assigning tasks, directing priorities...the list goes on! The last thing you need is an unreliable development partner who can't work within your team's production schedule. Consider Clearfire your "plug-and-play" development team, adapting to your workflow, always delivering on time and on budget.

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Illustration business owner

The Business Owner

You set the vision and strategy for your company, and that takes uninterrupted focus. Your time is better spent working ON your business, not in it. Clearfire can take all those development and design tasks off your plate, shielding you from busy technical work so you have greater freedom to keep your head up and plot the course.

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Illustration technology lead

The Technical Lead

You're a rare breed. You can handle any technical task thrown your way, but why should you? What if instead you could clone yourself, many times over? Clearfire is your force multiplier, handling everything from APIs and Craft CMS development, to website maintenance and UI/UX design. Take some pressure off and let's partner up!

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Finally, stress-free web development.

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We trust Clearfire to help guide our busy marketing team in website design, customer journey, and development strategies. They take the time to listen and understand the challenges we’re facing to provide both design and revenue growth deliverables. As a result, our website goes to work for our business and gives us positive measurable results."

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