Digital Project Manager

We're searching for a Digital Project Manager to join our team.

A Project Manager has day-to-day responsibility for the smooth and effective running of their projects with a focus on great delivery and communication. To do this you should have great skills in effective project leadership and an understanding of project initiation, budget control, project tracking and reporting, risk and issue analysis and quality assurance. With this in mind, an understanding of the principles of project management, appropriate methodologies and processes is also important.

This can be a local (Springfield, IL) or remote position, and we'll consider part-time and full-time team members with daytime availability.

About Clearfire

Clearfire is a small team of creative professionals. We operate with our clients as partners, digital strategists and an extended production team.

We've been at this a long time, and draw from a sizable vault of experience when tasked with solving problems through design and technology. Our clients range from small web startups to Fortune 100 companies, each with their own unique challenges.

Areas of Focus

These are the main areas of focus for a Digital Project Manager role at Clearfire:

Managing and delivering projects

  • Manage and deliver multiple work streams for various types of digital projects within an account (e.g. website development, ongoing support or maintenance, consulting, etc.) to agreed scope, timings, budget and quality.
  • Work with internal teams to help define project scope, resource requirements and cost estimates for projects.
  • Be the hub of communication for the project – in regular contact with internal and external partners engaged in delivering our services.
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration. Set up projects in our project management systems, to give you full visibility and empower the team to collaborate independently.
  • Create robust and realistic cost documents.
  • Produce realistic timings in Basecamp, Harvest, Forecast, Google Docs and other internal tools with clearly flagged milestones
  • Work with client’s third party agencies and suppliers to jointly scope, manage and deliver campaigns when appropriate.
  • Use project management tools to assign and track issues when appropriate.
  • At the start of a project, analyze the areas that could potentially throw the delivery off track, log risks, create a mitigation plan, and actively mitigate against them.
  • Be on top of projects and know the status of timings, key milestones, budgets, resourcing etc. at all times.
  • Continually evaluate the time and financial impact of changes and communicate to clients as appropriate.
  • Be firm but fair in judgement: push back when scope creeps or suggested budgets are not realistic whilst understanding the constraints of the client. Be prepared and able to defend Clearfire’s position and profit margin internally and externally.
  • Understand the workings and needs of the account you are partnered with; have a good understanding of the brands you work on – their definitions, their core characteristics, how they should and shouldn’t behave.
  • Understand the key technical aspects of the development process for project delivery as appropriate to your client.
  • Be commercially aware: At all times you should have an idea of the status of the budget of your projects.

Being professional

  • Everything communicates – ensure that all documentation, costings, briefs, scopes and presentations are of the highest possible standard.
  • Be positive and a force for good in the team – even when faced with difficult problems. Be solutions focussed.
  • Remain calm and stable under pressure.
  • Know when to delegate upwards. Raise the alarm at the right time, and to the right people when issues occur.
  • Be prepared to muck in on areas outside of your immediate expertise. This means sharing resources, helping on other accounts, taking part in pitches or managing internal initiatives.

Building and safeguarding relationships

  • Build a partnership relationship with your clients; good rapport here is key to success of both the delivery process and account development.
  • Have great relationships with the internal project teams, so that people want to work with and for you.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that relevant clients and account team members are kept up to date on project developments: changes in timings, costs and any issues arising. Communicate regularly and don’t avoid difficult conversations.
  • Never make promises you can’t keep, and always set expectations realistically.
  • Ensure that internal and client sign-offs are obtained on all key project deliverables, and that you have an audit trail to protect yourself if things go wrong.
  • Where possible, don’t back your client into a corner – clients make mistakes too and are sometimes over-ruled by their bosses. Be sensitive to the pressures they face and work with them, not against them.
  • Manage conflicts and issues effectively and seek guidance from your Project Director on any potentially sensitive or difficult situations.

Be passionate about the digital services we provide.

  • Make it your business to learn as much as possible: reading relevant blogs and articles, attending training sessions, talking to experts and taking an interest generally in what is going on with Clearfire and the services we provide.
  • Be plugged in to new trends and developments across the industry and particularly within the client’s sector.
  • Understand the different types of available and emerging media, particularly online, including constraints and opportunities presented by each.
  • Understand what makes a great final solution, whether that be design, development or consulting driven.

Strive for great work

  • Learn to develop creative and technical judgement and strive for the best work every time. If you don’t think it is good enough, say why and work with the team to improve on it before it moves on.
  • Ensure you are driving quality at every stage of the project

Job scope

  • This digital project manager role calls for an individual who can focus on the detail, being thoroughly “buttoned-down” and on top of all aspects of their projects, while being aware of the bigger picture.
  • The job will include the management of large and small projects and ongoing support for time and materials clients.

Additional Requirements

You should be able to say yes to most of the following:

  • Do you have experience managing project budgets of $30K or larger?
  • Do you have experience managing and working with remote production teams?
  • Do you have experience running the "discovery" portion of projects?
  • Are you able to communicate well with a remote team using tools such as Basecamp, Slack and Video Chat?
  • Are you able to manage time well and track time and materials accurately?
  • Are you comfortable saying no?
  • Do you have experience running website/web app projects?
  • Do you devote time to staying up to date on the latest trends and technologies within your discipline?
  • Have you worked remotely before?
  • Do you live in the United States?


  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement plan with company match
  • Paid holiday and vacation time
  • Remote working arrangement
  • 40 hour max work week with flexible hours

How To Apply

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Introduction and general information about your experience.
  • Resume or link to a portfolio.
  • Your location.
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work? What are your hobbies and interests?